Introducing customs affairs of Garmsar Special Economic Zone

Introducing customs affairs of Garmsar Special Economic Zone

The customs affairs of the special region, as part of the responsible organization of the region (and not the customs of J.A.A.), the task of carrying out pre-customs measures or any activity related to the import and export affairs of industrial-commercial units located in the region or businessmen applying to use the services It is in charge of the region which is mentioned in Articles 4, 10 and 11 of the Law on the Formation and Administration of Special Economic Zones and related articles in the executive regulations of the aforementioned law.

In short, the responsibility of this unit is as follows:

Responsible for coordinating and managing authorized customs and commercial activities of investors and authorized operators in the region                

 Proper maintenance and control of trust goods entering the region in warehouses and places               

 Controlling transactions and transfers of retail goods by issuing separate warehouse receipts, issuing warehouse declarations, assigning (peace) or consolidating warehouse receipts              

  Registration and maintenance of customs information and statistics of the region              

  Issuance of certificate of origin and other related activities