Inauguration of the production line of the gypsum production industrial unit in the special economic zone of Garmsar

The production line of Gachbargsazan Garmsar desert company was opened with an investment of 185 billion 200 million in Garmsar special economic zone with the presence of officials.


This production unit with the annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of plaster of paris started working with the benefit of working capital and fixed capital facilities with the job creation for 75 people. Gachbergsazan Garmsar desert company was opened in an area of 18 thousand square meters with a fixed investment of 87 billion 200 million tomans, 48 billion tomans of fixed capital facilities and 50 billion tomans of working capital facilities.


The CEO of the Bank of Sanat and Mine, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, Deputy Governor of Economic Affairs Coordination, and other officials of Semnan Province and Garmsar City were present at the opening ceremony of this industrial unit.

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